Timely Tech

Tech tips, hints, features, & general goings on at CMS & MMS

Featured Teachers

6th grade Social Studies teachers Madison Presenza and Mandy Bell were definitely techin' it up this week. Students were using BYOD and the schools' iPads to scan QR codes for their assignment. They also used the iPads and their own devices for geography research. Students were engaged, mobile, and excited about learning!

If you are using technology in your class shoot me an email and/or take some pics and send them my way!

Featured App: Group Maker

Group Maker is a great app that allows teachers to quickly create and divide up students for group work in class. You'll simply enter or import (as a .txt file) your students into the app, and it can organize groups based on gender, performance level, or random mixes. Group Maker is very user-friendly. It can even import student photos, takes into account absent students, and had easy drag-and-drop tools.

Tips and Hints

  • Use Google Chrome for almost everything (except eSchool). If you are having a technology issue please check which web browser you are in. The icon is pictured to the right. Remember "All Roads Lead to Chrome"
  • Lock your Screen: For privacy (and to avoid certain pranksters) you can lock your computer screen. Simply hit the windows icon and "L" on your keyboard.

Need to Knows

  • The iPads will be updated soon to Apple's new operating system iOS 7. Things will look much different, but will overall most apps will act the same.
  • I have several times available if anyone would like to schedule a meeting to discuss websites, technology in lessons, useful apps, etc... Just shoot me an email and we'll get started.
  • Printers: please use the printers for jobs under 100 copies. If you are above 100, please use the print shop.