Stay Alive

This is a list of 3 regions to go to for a zombie outbreak

Stay Safe

Say there is a zombie outbreak going on in your city. You would want to be safe so in this text I will tell you my top 3 places to go during a zombie apocalypse in North America. #1:Interior Lowlands,#2:Great Plains,#3:Appalachian Mountains

Directions & Survival

These regions are connected together so it wont be so hard to get from one to another.The Interior lowlands are located in northeastern america.The Great plains are located in central United States.And the Appalachian Mountains are also located in northeastern United States.Remember these regions will provide good supplies but not all supplies.

Here Is A Visual Of These Regions

I hope you'll stay alive. Bye

Don't come to america illegally if you're not from america even if there is a zombie outbreak

Just don't because if people follow these rules and stay alive they will recivilicize and will see that you came to america illegally and deport you. If you think there will be a zombie apocalypse in your area and you're not from america look for all my flyers written on all the continents except Antarctica because if you're there there is no way zombies will get you because it will be too cold.

Learn More

So I read the comic that the CDC have made just in case of a zombie outbreak. First of all that comic was banging with action but if your serious about this then I recommend this comic as a reference for looking at if your in danger. This comic has a lot of similarities with my flyer such as it tells you where to go in case of an emergency. As well as they are both in text form so that's another similarity. It also briefly tells you how to survive. So if you want to learn more check out this comic at

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