Green Alternatives: Laundry Room

By: Kaylin Collins

Green Alternatives For Your Laundry Room

Using Eco-Friendly more gentle products when cleaning your clothes get the job done just as well without harming the environment or your skin.

A big way to save energy is to skip the dryer! If the weather allows for it you can hang your clothing outside so it can dry. You could also put a drying rack in your house for your clothes to dry. This is also better for your clothes.

Another way to go green in the laundry room is to not always use hot water but to use cold water when washing clothes. You can use up a lot of hot water when washing your clothes.

Effects on Environment and House

By using Eco-Friendly products in your house you are keeping away harsh chemicals that are bad for you to breathe and can be harsh on your skin and in some cases can cause reactions.

By skipping the dyer you are saving energy and electricity while also preserving the quality of your clothes. Drying your clothes can cause them to not last as long, so skipping the dryer is a good thing in many ways.

By not using hot water all the time you will be decreasing your electrical bill since you wont have to be heating the water. Also if you combine loads of laundry you can really decrease your water bill.

Laundry Room

The laundry probably isn't the best looking room of the house as it can sometimes be a mess at times. The laundry room is a service area, obviously where the laundry is done and where cleaning supplies are usually kept.

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