Espagnole sauce

by: hailey cochran


A basic sauce used in the production of other sauces.
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main Ingredients (All)

  • *Mirepoix: 4 oz/112g onions, 2 oz/56g celery, 2 oz/56g carrots.
  • *2 oz/56g butter.
  • *2 oz/56g flour.
  • *2 oz/56g Tomato Puree.
  • *Sachet Containing: 1/2 Bay Leaf, 2-3 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme, 2-3 Sprigs Parsley.
  • *1.5-2 qts/1.5-2L Roasted Veal Stock
Sauce Espagnole: Make Your Own Classic Sauces

food made with Espagnole sauce

Basic Espagnole Sauce with Variations

Common dishes served with Espagnole sauce

*Chicken Skewers with Espagnole Sauce
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*Beef tenderloin with Mushrooms and Espagnole sauce