Professional Organizations

Pamela Moore, Veronica Perez, Kylie Jaimes

What are they?

Professional Organizations provide a way for educators all over the state, country, and even world to be connected with one another. There are many different organizations for educators, some focusing on specific fields of study or types of education.

Why join?

Each professional organization has different benefits, but some common benefits are academic journals, training opportunities, and connections with people from the same field of education. You are able to broaden your knowledge on your specific field of work and expand your network by meeting new people.

Examples of Professional Organizations

National Education Association

The NEA is a 3.2 million member organization that is working at every level of education. The organization seeks to expand quality education in the United States.

Members have access to insurance and legal support, workshops, and professional development events. There is a separate chapter for each state.

The NEA also has grants and scholarships for teachers to help with class materials and learning support services.

National Association of the Education of Young Children

NAEYC is the largest and most influential helps teachers improve their quality of care and teachings of young children from birth through 3rd grade. Founded in 1926 and there are over 100,000+ members. This organization works to improve professional practice and working conditions in early childhood to build up public support for high quality early childhood programs. This program is open for anyone and everyone that wants to provide for young children.

National Council of Teachers of English

The NCTE organization is dedicated to promoting the development of literacy, the use of language to construct personal and public worlds, and achieving full participation in society through the learning and teaching of English Dec 1st and 2nd 1911 first meeting. 65 people attended the first meetings and now there or thousands of members to this day.

Association of Middle Level Education

AMLE is an international organization leading all students around the world ages 10-15 to help them succeed as learners and make positive contributions to their communities and to the world. It provides information and personal development for middle school teachers.