"Relaxing with the Kits"

Stingray City


Beautiful, clear, waters. Seven miles of relaxation and peace. Resorts, hotels, beaches, magnificent spas, and much more to get your mind of of the stressful things you left behind. Stingray city is one of the most famous excursions on the whole Cayman islands. It is a series of sandbars crossing the North sound, from Morgan Harbor to Rum Point. There is wonderful food, peaceful resorts, and, did I forget to mention the best thing of all, swimming with stingrays!


Interesting Facts

Extra! Extra!

STINGRAY-Southern stingrays can grow to about 5 feet across. They are likely attracted by fishing boats throwing out unwanted or bad fish.

FOOD-The food reflects the rich cultural heritage of the island and incorporates international flavors as well.

With food, spas, 7 miles of beach, and stingrays it's sure to be the trip of a lifetime as well as a memory that will never be forgotten. Come and get the relaxation and fun you need and deserve.

Tori Stallones

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