ILMC Staff Newsletter October 17 - October 21

School Information (NEW!)

Building Hours: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Parent/Teacher Conferences went well:-) I know there were glitches with our report cards. Ms. Lewis and I will continue to fix any errors in Infinite Campus to the best of our abilities. Thank you for being flexible!

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness. Students and staff are encouraged to bring in coins for donation to the American Cancer Society. Ms. Lindsey will collect coins and record contributions made by students and staff.

Please support Mrs. Dana Jackson by attending the Board Meeting on Oct. 18th at 6:00pm. She will be recognized for being a finalist for the Presidential Award of Excellence for Math and Science Teaching!

Thank you for all that you do!



  • Wear pink with your jeans on Fridays for the rest of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Training for classroom teachers Saturday, Oct. 22nd 9:00 - 3:00pm.

Procedures for Absences

a. Personal Leave

i. As a courtesy, please inform Ms. Jackson of requests for personal leave…extend this same courtesy to grade level, paraprofessional, and committee chair.

ii. All staff must make requests for personal leave in Aesop three days prior to the actual day.

iii. All certified staff and paraprofessionals must request a substitute when requests are made in Aesop.

iv. All requests in Aesop must be followed up with a Certificate of Absence. Submit the completed form to Ms. Lewis.

b. Sick Leave

i. If your sick leave is a scheduled doctor’s appointment, the same courtesy and procedures for personal leave applies.

ii. If your sick leave is due to an emergency, call Ms. Jackson to inform of the emergency and proceed to make a request in Aesop no later than 7:00am. Requests for substitutes must be made for certified staff and paraprofessionals.

iii. If your sick leave is during the school day, please see Ms. Jackson.

c. Absent Notes

i. Notes will be requested from staff with three or more days of sick leave.

d. Jury Duty

i. Follow same procedures for personal leave.

ii. Paper work is required with submission of Certificate of Absence.

e. Leave Requests on Required Days

i. Documentation is required with submission of Certificate of Absence.

ii. Holiday leave (before and after)

  • Complete a Certificate of Absence.
  • Document the substitute’s name in the space provided.
  • Provide a letter stating the reason for the request and submit with the Certificate of Absence.
  • Principal will submit the approved form to the Assistant Superintendent 10 days prior to the requested date of absence.

Dismissal and Transitions Procedures

1. No classes will be sent to the hall during bus dismissal. All classes are to stay inside the classroom and be monitored by a teacher until their buses are called. When called, teachers are to stand by the door and monitor their transition in the hallway while those on bus duty stand in the hallway to also monitor.

- Teams can decide to rotate late days between teachers. At 4:30pm, teachers who are not on their late day rotation will walk their class to a late day teacher where they will sit and wait for their buses to be called.

- At no time can classes be put in the hallways.

2. Car Riders and Day Care Riders will no longer be called at 4:15pm. These students will stay in the classroom with their classes and will be called as their car/day care van arrives.

- At no time can they be put in the hallways or sent to the front office.

3. During transitions from homeroom to intervention and from intervention to homeroom, one adult MUST stay behind in the classroom to receive your children and one adult MUST walk the group, in a line, back to their homerooms.

- Groups of children will not be released and allowed to walk without an adult to their homerooms or to intervention groups.

- Children will not be dropped off and left outside of classrooms.

4. During all other transitions, children will be accompanied by an adult while walking in a line.



MONDAY, October 17

  • MKES and CKES Training with Media Specialists and Counselors - Jackson out until 11:30am; Nora out 8:30 - 9:45; Holloway out all day

  • Collaborative Planning @ 11:40am (Math) and 12:35pm (ELA) - continue curriculum planning with teams ***bring laptops***

TUESDAY, October 18

  • RCSS Board Meeting @ 6:00pm...come out to support Dana Jackson

WEDNESDAY, October 19

  • Professional Learning w/ Mr. Bradley @ 11:40am (Math) and 12:35pm (ELA) - Teacher Webpages
  • Media Specialist Meeting - Nora out @ 1:30

THURSDAY, October 20

  • Safety Training w/ Investigator Tilley @ 8:00am in Media Center (Teachers)
  • Safety Training w/ Investigator Tilley @ 9:30am in room 246 (Paraprofessionals and Support Staff)

Saturday, October 22

  • Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Training with Classroom Teachers 9:00am - 3:00pm

Next week... RED RIBBON WEEK

Monday, October 24th

Collaborative Planning @ 11:40am (Math) and 12:35pm (ELA)

Wednesday, October 26th

Collaborative Planning @ 12:35pm (ELA)

Thursday, October 27th

School Leadership Team @ 8:00am (SLT Only)

Collaborative Planning w/ Learner's Advantage @ 11:40am (Math) ***changed from regular mtg day***


Red Ribbon Week Oct. 24 - Oct. 28

Monday-Throw Shade to Drugs: wear your sunglasses/shades (students will be signing the Red Ribbon pledge during morning announcements)

Tuesday-Sock it To Drugs: wear your silliest socks

Wednesday-Team Up Against Gun Violence: wear your favorite team jerseys (students will sign the Gun Pledge during morning announcements)

Thursday-Hats Off for Saying No to Bullying: wear your caps/hats

Friday-Put bullying to bed- wear pajamas (students will sign the Bullying Pledge during morning announcements)

Spotlight on Teachers!

Look what Shannon Gaines, 95 Percent Group Consultant, had to say about our fabulous ELA Teachers after her last visit...

"I see that Mrs. Keeler is using bean bag activities to have students build words. I think this is wonderful. Not only is she providing extra practice for students, but she is also helping them transfer skills from one environment to the other."

"I loved watching Mrs. Mankin do the I Do portion of the lesson that I observed. She kept it very pure. She used the script and used very succinct language to model for the children. I Do is so important because this is the time when instruction is taking place and students are learning how to do the skill."

"I think Mrs. Mole’s pacing was perfect. She kept the tempo moving quickly, but not so fast that students could not keep up with her. She also did an excellent job giving explicit instruction. I’m sure having me in her room was unnerving but she looked very natural delivering the lesson."

"Mrs. Simmons did a wonderful job engaging the students. The way she gathered the students and moved them near her is exactly what we want to see. She was the teacher that I chose to concentrate on for this visit. I noticed that she listened to me and immediately began incorporating some of the advice into her intervention groups."

"Mrs. Holaway’s strengths lie in her classroom management and student relationships, as well as, activating prior knowledge and setting the stage for the lesson. It is important for students to know exactly what they are expected to learn and what they should be able to do if they learned it."

"The academic vocabulary used by Mrs. Bush-Corbitt is spectacular. It is so important that students hear the adults at school using sophisticated language. She too gathered the children to her and gave very explicit instruction. She paid attention to the smallest details of the lesson and her students will greatly benefit because of this attention."