MIT Unido Hasta el Final

Qué se necesita para entrar en el famoso MIT.

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De donde es?

MIT is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a city population of 107, 289 in 2013.

Quien es MIT?

MIT stands for Massachusetts Institution of Technology. They are known as the Best Engineering School in 2014 by U.S. NEWS and World Wide. MIT is so world renound, the school has some of the most famous alumni. For example Buzz Aldrin.

Datos Sobre MIT

The Mascot is Tim the Beaver with the colors of grey and cardinal. MIT has 1,118 1st year student and 4,528 undergraduate students. Tuition costs $45,016 and housing cost $13,224. But MIT is known to 90% of students receive financial aid for tuition.

Porque MIT?

Why did I choose MIT? MIT is not only one of the best engineering schools in the world, they offer some of the most successful students. I've always wanted to get away from Texas and explore the world, after a little look into MIT, I've been hooked! Math is one of my favorite subject, and engineering is in my blood. With wanting to be an engineer but creative MIT seemed like the perfect choice. After i graduate from high school, I plan to go to MIT for SMACT Architecture and Industrial and Manufacturing. There I will graduate with a masters in Industrial and Manufacturing and a bachelor's in SMACT Architecture. With my degrees I will find my way back to Drum Corps International (DCI), Winter Guard International (WGI), and Band of America (BOA), where I will write drill and be a color guard director.

Deseando, Querer, Esperanza

MIT quiere que los estudiantes tengan GPA de 3.5 o mejor. MIT espera que los estudiantes tomen el SAT y la puntuación de 700 en matemáticas, una lectura de 600, y 700 en escritura.


Estoy nervioso que MIT sólo acepte el 7,7 por ciento. Estoy abrumado que el costo de la matrícula del MIT es $45,016.


Es muy importante que yo tome cuidado con por mis grados. Es posible que me gradúe en 5 años con 2 grados.


El señor Green recomiende que me quedo en la banda y color guardia. El alumnie recomiende que me quedo en el campus mi primero año.

Duda, Negar

Mi hermano dude que voy a ser aceptado a MIT. Uno de mi profesores dude que pueda durar hasta la graduación.


Ojalá que yo me aceptado a MIT. Ojalá que yo pueda gradude con honores.

Que es Subjuntivo?


Wishes, desires,

Quiero que él.., Deseo que ella..., Necesito que usted..., Espero que tú...; Mando que..., insisto que...

I Want or Need someone else to do something, I Order or Insist that someone to do something



Me alegro de que..., me entristezco de que..., Me enoja que..., Temo que...

I get (become) Happy... , Sad..., It makes me angry ..., I'm Scared... that something or someone does something


Impersonal observations

Es bueno que..., Es Importante que..., Es Posible que...

It's good that.., It's important that.., It's possible that....



Recomiendo que..., Sugiero que...

I Recommend or Suggest that someone else do something


Doubt, Denial, Disbelief

Dudo que.., No creo que.., ¿Crees que..?, niego que...

I Doubt that, I Don't believe that..., Do you believe that...? I Deny that....



Ojalá que...

Let's hope to God that.., God willing that..,


1. Subject #1 (indicative verb)

(Select one of the WEIRDO categories)

2. Que

This is the conjunction necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause

3.Subject #2 + verb in the subjunctive

(the person or thing in our WEIRDO world)

Caroline Salas

Author of page and MIT Inspired. Sophomore at Lehman High School.