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2nd and 3rd Grade News

Wow!! Here it is the last week before Christmas Break. And everyone is so excited about our Christmas Pageant scheduled for Thursday, December 17; at 6:30 PM. I am certain we will be pleased with the angelic voices of the children as they sing the carols.

We had two beautiful masses this week. Third Grade hosted the mass last week so Second Grade will host this week.

What a wonderful way to begin Thursday, with mass, and end with the story of the Birth of Jesus at the Christmas Pageant.

The next day, Friday, we plan on celebrating the Las Posadas with a delicious meal and beautiful piñatas. We will ask each student to bring a dish to share with the class. Ms. Lizbeth will make sure it is set out for lunch and she and some of you will help with the piñatas. The day will end with sounds of fun and laughter.

Enjoy the Christmas Break and I will see all of you next year, 2016.

Stay safe - have fun - return ...ready to work even harder.