The Auto Transformer 3000

To help you!

A bit about the Auto Transformer

Have you ever wanted a robot to help you? When you have piles and piles of homework and you need help getting organized? That is why we created the Auto Transformer 3000, or AT3 for short. We decided it would help students with their daily routines and their health, believe it or not. We decided to make the AT3 because people are not as active as they should be, and the AT3 helps you with your daily routines, so you can’t be lazy, because you have no excuses for not doing something like making your bed or emptying the sink and dishwasher.

Why did we choose this product for 12-18 years?

We thought this product would be best for that age group because this is when you develop habits and expectations. If they use your Auto Transformer 3000 correctly, they will develop good habits and be better living on their own as an adult. Also, the AT3 turns into a car, so for 12- early 16s, you will be able to travel without your parents, however you still need your parents voice command and consent. The AT3 also only uses the energy you used in your last 12 waking hours, so you can’t be lazy if you expect your robot to be active. This is how your health is benefitted. Wouldn’t you love an Auto Transformer 3000 I’m still not done, though. Your AT3 can come in different genders and personalities! You can make a friend of your AT3!

Need More Convincing?

When you buy an AT3, your life will be changed forever! Again, it helps keep you active, it helps you develop good habits, and it drives you to events too! If you buy an AT3, you will definitely see the benefits!