Welcome to Pittsboro, NC

Located in the Wonderful Chatham County

Government of Pittsboro and Chatham County

In Chatham County, the county seat is the City of Pittsboro. Their government is a commissioner kind. There is a mayor (Randy Voller), five city comissioners (Pamela Baldwin, Michael Fiocco, Jay Farrell, Brett Foley, and Beth Turner), a town manager (Bryan Gruesneck), a town clerk (Alice Lloyd), and a town attorney (Paul Messick Jr.).

Randy Voller is pictured below and will be running for re-election for mayor of Pittsboro.

Chatham County has a county manager. He is Charlie Horne.

Fun Facts of Pittsboro and Chatham County

  • Pittsboro is surrounded by some of the biggest counties in NC. This includes the following: Alamance, Orange, Durham, Wake Harnett, Lee, Moore and Randolf.
  • Pictured below is a map of Chatham County and Pittsboro.
  • Pittsboro was originally considered for the site of the University of North Carolina instead of Chapel Hill.
  • It was named for William Pitt, The Younger. The County of Chatham was named for his father the Earl of Chatham, William Pitt.
  • It is home of Central Carolina Community College.
  • The county was founded in 1771.


In the grand city of Pittsboro, you can enjoy the views of Lake Jordan while your family and/or friends enjoy the Jordan State Park! Also you can visit the Carolina Tiger Rescue nearby and view the beautiful tigers that are held in Pittsboro. Another site for attraction is the Devil's Tramping Ground. This place is a large, circular clearing that, legend says, was where the devil would pace around day-to-day.