Character Page

All the characters in the black cat

The Man

When the man was a child he was known for his kind and gentle disposition towards animals. When he grew up he got married young and had a number of animals. all was good for him for a while but then he found the disease of alcohol and soon started to abuse his wife and animals, manly his cat. he was a god fearing man and so felt some remorse when he stabbed his cat in the eye, later losing his temper and hanging him. When he hit his wife in the head with an ax, he didn't really feel any remorse or anything except worry about hiding the body.

Pluto The Cat

Pluto was a large and beautiful cat ,entirely black and a sagacious animal. Pluto loved the man, the man was the only person he answered to. when Pluto got older he started to be sneaky , which drove the man to hate him, in the end the man killed him.
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The Wife

The wife was a kind, gentle, forgiving, women who loved animals. She got abused and in the end murdered by her husband while trying to protect her cat.