Spreadsheet - Busniess Lives

Criterian A: Analyzing and Investigating

Introduction Travelogue

For his design project it is a summative is to interview the teacher as a client and all grade 8 student need to interview the teach about there travelogue or a holiday dream and also find out the cost on the trip that they want to have such as food, shelter, hotel ect.. In this project also include the spreadsheets, because the spreadsheet is very organize and good to use because it already calculates number for me.

Primary Source

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Secondary Source

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Research Plan

1) What is your desired place to go and why?
2) What is your main hobby?
3) What is your price range?
4) How much are you willing to pay for your dream trip?

Questions to ask teacher

Starting Questions
· What is the definition of your dream holiday?
· Where is your dream holiday located ? and what is that reason that convince you to visit that place?
· What type of view you willing or expect to see during the trip?
· What do you already know about your dream holiday place?
· When do you plan to visit that place?
· Do you have any fears about this trip? What are they?
· Do you have any hobbies or actives you would want to do on this trips
· Who are you traveling?
· What is your travel budget that you plan to spend on this trip?
· Which part of your vacation does you like spending the most on? (Food,exercise, hotels, adventures, etc.)

Travel Style
· Who do you normally travel with?
· What kind of restaurant you normally went in the foreign country?
· Describe the last memorable holiday you took. What made it so good? Please try and be specific.
· What do you look forward to the most on your vacations? Why?
· How concerned are you with having things like modern hotel, having wifi or clean bathroom...etc...