Want a Cat?

By: Kyra Tant

Consider the following.

When wanting an animal, in this case, a cat. There are many things you have to think about and prepare for. You wouldnt just want to have a child and not have anything prepared for him/her? so why do that for a pet?

1) Financial needs

Know that when you get a pet or think about taking care of one, you think about that pet's cost and what they need. Make sure you can provide them: yearly visits to the vet, get them vaccinated, get them food, get the toys and etcetera.

2) Time

make sure when you have a pet the you have time to spend with them. examples:

take them to the dog park

Set them up playdates

Give them love and take time to pau attention to them so they dont neccessarily feel lonely.

3) patience

When you get an animal, when theyre are little make sure you have the patience to deal with them, Meaning, you should understand that, that kitty will probably scratch up a few couches, use the bathroom in your house, and some times purr a lot at night. You have to be understanding and help them

4) Room

Make sure you have enough room for a cat. They dont require much space but let them have a place to roam around and dont keep them locked up all day. No one would like to be in a crowded room with no where to go. Make sure they have a place to eat and a place to sleep so they dont have to roam around all the time at night.

5) Recreational

Make sure your pet is happy. Take them places, If you travel try to take them with you as possible. Take them out a lot and dont keep them crowded in a house all of the time. Show them love and take good care of them. groom them and make sure they are always super duper clean :)