Marshall Eriksen


Marshall Eriksen is a strong young man who passed law school with flying colors. You can trust him to keep your best interests at heart.

Views on important issues that matter to you

-Military spending should be a top priority. Our military institution is one of the strongest in the world due to our innovative technology and the fight and courage our soldiers possess. We need to do our part as citizens to keep it that way in order to keep us and our interests safe.

-Economic regulations should be in place for businesses and all of us have the right to invest and prosper. Maximum importance should be placed on getting our citizens back to work and minimizing the unemployment rate. Lastly, emphasis should be placed on balancing the budget.

-National security and regulations are necessary when it comes to immigration laws. Those who come in legally are encouraged and welcomed warmly to the US.


We know you the people are who the congress serves so it is of utmost importance that we keep you in mind. Open lines of communication will always be available for you to reach Marshall Eriksen. Letters, email, and even meetings in person are all very important tools in our toolbox to make sure we are hearing what you have to say.