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History of Stagecoaches

The first Stagecoach was built in 1827. They cost about $1200-$1500 and weighed more than 2000 pounds. They were first made with leather strap braces under the stage coaches so they would have a swinging motion instead of jolting up and down. They manufactured over 40 different types of carriages and wagons and the wagon factory in Concord, New Hampshire.

Advantages of Stagecoaches

- Easy to Deliver Things

- Rocks Side to Side Not Up and Down

- Safe

- Fits a lot of people

- Comfortable

Disadvantages of Stagecoaches

- Easy to Have Something Stolen or Be Robbed

- Loud

- Dusty and Dirty

- You Have To Stop To Change The Horses

The Inventors

The inventor is Abbot Downing Company.

How It Impacted North Dakota

Some reasons of how the stagecoach effected North Dakota is that it made traveling so much more easier and to transport things. North Dakota wouldn't be the way it is today without the stagecoaches.

Importance To North Dakota

The stagecoach created many jobs that helped build North Dakota's economy. It also was important to many North Dakotans that traveled often. The stagecoach offered low price rises and made it easy for families that couldn't have/afford a horse.
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