CHEERS to 2013!!

Congrats on a FABULOUS Holiday Season!

You Ladies Knock My Socks Off!

This past November and December were incredible! Q4 is the biggest selling season of the year and boy do you RockStars know how to make your customers feel GORGEOUS! Our team fills my cup through all of your enthusiasm, drive, passion, and genuine love for your business and other stylists! Thank you for being YOU and spreading that joy to those around you! XOXO


Who was Cookin'?!

These ladies were "qualified" for November and/or December selling over $500!
Alison Bauer, Aly Schroeder, Amy Hassel, Andrea Strle, Anna Brown, Anne Hollenbeck, Barbara Morar, Jill Bockenstette, Katie Lewis, Katie Stanley, Rachel Dupuy, Stacy Ramga

WAY TO ROCK!! These ladies earned 30% commission by selling over $2308!!

Cara Cloyd with $22,007 for November and December!!! (sponsored a new stylist!)

Jen Dodge with $7500 for November and December!!!

Renschke Christians with $6143 for November and December!!! (sponsored a new stylist!)

Katie Stupansky with $5759 for November!

Sara Woskob with $3078 for November!

And Congrats to Lya Hurst for adding a team member as well!!

New Line Launch and Spring Rally!!

Brighten our Day AND Brighten YOUR LIFE by joining us on Sunday, Jan 12th at the Stella & Dot Distribution Center! New Line, Circle of Success Training and FUN connecting with other Stylists!

Here are the details to register for Columbus, Ohio Rally:

Here is the link for the CLEVELAND Rally!!

Search eventbrite or Stella & Dot Lounge under events for a Rally near YOU! I promise your business will start off strong if you attend your local event! Connect with other stylists and make 2014 AMAZING!

New Year, New YOU!

One of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business has been to READ! Why not focus on you and your happiness in 2014? We first must find joy within ourselves to have a successful business! My challenge for you is to pick one book that motivates, inspires, and encourages you to be your best self. Most people have little goals that provide little inspiration. By contrast, it's always the people who think big who end up accomplishing the most. I dare you to think BIG and INSPIRE in 2014!!