The uses and wonder of spectroscopes


Spectroscopes are useful devices made with prisms to disperse light into a spectrum with various patterns found in light from different elements

Spectroscopes usage in science

Different elements give off different types of light and when examined they have different yet identifiable patterns which allow for the detection of certain elements, this has been used in a few ways but a main usage was to discover the elements in some stars by using the light they let off.

spectrums for spectrascopes

There are 3 types of spectrum's when it comes to wavelength

*Emission light spectrum

*Continuous light spectrum

*Absorption light spectrum

Each of these spectrum have slightly different requirements to achieve their states by passing through certain matter.

Knowing this we can figure out what elements are in a star by figuring out which spectrum the light resides in.

What different elements with different spectrum's

Different elements cause different spectra due to different states of matter and different amounts of energy

Such as how Absorption lines are created by having light from a hot source then passing through a cool gas to form.

Then there is Emission lines which are created by a hot gas with a source of energy nearby.

And finally the Continuous spectrum which is produced through incandescent solids and by gases under high pressure.


Each element has its own signature when it come to spectra and these can be used to identify them using a spectroscope.


A good example to show this would be hydrogen which has a light spectrum of 3 lines of different color with simple structure.


Another good example would be helium which is slightly more complex than Hydrogen with a few more colors involved.


Neon has a larger amount of light around the 600 wavelength with a few traces around the 500 mark.


Argon is slightly more diverse with colors around the entire spectrum ranging to around 600 to 400.

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