By Brianna Chalk


Pilgrims are very interesting people. They sailed from England to the new world. It wasn't easy in the beginning when they first got there. There were also a lot of rules to fallow. It must have been really hard being a pilgrim.

Who are the pilgrims?

The pilgrims gathered on the dock to set sail. The pilgrims sailed from England to the new world, America. So removed there to live a better life. Others went to get rich. Lots of people left behind some of the things they love most. There voyage lasted many days. Many people got sick and died during the voyage. After sailing on their voyage for many days on the Mayflower, they finally reached Plymith Colony. The voyage must have been really tough,I'll tell you that.

What was the pilgrims life stile like?

The pilgrims life was very difficult. It just was really hard. Having to build all those homes. Also to have enough food to go around and to stay warm in the winter. Everybody has there own job, all the way to a farmer to a blacksmith. The women normally made the clothing for her family, and the bigger the family is the bigger the house would be. If you think being a adult is hard in colonial time it's no different being a kid. Kids in colonial time also had lots of chores to do,and barely enough time to play. But after the years went by it got easier for them.

what were some of the rule they had to fallow?

There were a lot of goofy rules to follow in colonial time. For instance if a baker bakes bad bread he can be punished or worse. I don't know why they had all these goofy rules. Other pilgrims will think you are a witch and kill you even if you knew how to swim. In colonial time they also had a church on Sundays. But you weren't aloud to make your bed or shave. Women also had to wair something to cover their hair. These rules are only a few that I have told you.


Pilgrims had a tough journey in the new world. The pilgrims are the people that sailed from England to the new world. When they first got to the new world it was very difficult. There were also goofy rules you had to fallow. The pilgrims must have hade difficult situations.


  • Blacksmith- A person who makes or repairs things made of iron.
  • Punish- To make (someone) suffer for a crime of for bad behavior.
  • Voyage- A long journey to a distant or unknown place especially over water or outer space.


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