News from 3rd Grade

Newsletter #2

From the Classroom

For the past 2 weeks the students have been hearing the stories from Genesis. A wonderful way to experience these stories, is to paint as if we were creating the world ourselves. Every morning, the students and I painted the story from the day before. Including the cover, we painted 7 pictures total. We added some writing to these pictures to help remind us of the stories. We will now turn these paintings, and writings, into a book.

The story from the Bible of the Fall from Paradise, was profound for many students. One student made the statement that they were glad that this happened, because now Adam and Eve could learn how to provide for themselves. These are the moments that remind me how lucky I am to teach this curriculum to this particular set of students. Most of your children are experiencing the "Fall from Paradise", as they transition through the "9-Year Change". To have such a revelation, is powerful and the reason that Rudolf Steiner felt so strongly about this type of a story, for this developmental age. This feeling is exactly why we bring the practical arts to the children.

This week we will be using clay to experience what it was like for Adam to name the animals. Through this experience, the children will learn about parts of speech such as naming words (Nouns), action words (Verbs), and describing words (Adjectives).

Thursday we will be loading into cars and heading off to pick apples at the Murnane's farm. If you have not signed a field trip form, find Sallie (Kenton's mom), and get that signed immediately!

Thank you for coming to the parent evening. If you were unable to come, please contact another parent for notes. Our next evening together will be October 5th from 6:30-8:30pm.

Come help the students read!

Every Tuesday we will have parents (or grandparents) in to help us read. If you can come volunteer, please sign up!

1st Period 11:05-11:55

2nd Period 11:55-12:45

Volunteers needed

Please take a look at your calendar and see when you can come in to help


A gardening sign up will be sent out shortly.

Sign up to Drive

We are still in need of 2 drivers to transport our students to and from the apple orchard. If you can drive, and you have been fingerprinted, please sign up at this link!