West Africa's Kingdom's

Ghana, Mali, Songhai


  • Economic- They were in the trans-Saharan trade, trading gold and salt. Timbuktu was a market center, and very important to the trade.
  • Social- The Mali Kingdom started farther east and farther south than the kingdom of Ghana. The Mali kingdom grew by conquering other areas around. In the end, the Mali Empire controlled 400 cities, towns and villages, and held 200 million people. The kings who ruled were Muslim.


Economic- trade and had salt mines
Political-the founder of Songhai was the leader for 90 years. then his son was the leader of Songhai
Social-Kings, Nobility, Freemen, Slaves and War Captives were the hi-Economic- trade and had salt mines


Economic: trade and the the mining of gold
political: was seperatd into clans and the knigs clan was the most weathiest.
social: they lived on a king and poor people scale
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