Preventing Injuries

Kylie Hagen-Breitenwischer- McDowell 3rd

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What is a sport injury?

Sports are a worldwide phenomenon that is rapidly increasing as more and more people are joining or getting their child to join. Despite the grand victories and team celebrations,athletes everywhere are getting injured due to their sports and some are even career ending. From little league to the professionals and all the way to the olympics, it doesnt matter what level you are, improper technique or one bad second can change everything.

Who is at risk?

All and any athletes who participate in sports are at risk for any injuries.According to, the more contact in a sport, the greater the risk of a traumatic injury. When it comes to Knee Injuries, the second most common sport related injuries, girls are already 6x more likely to be at risk than boys. This is because in girls, the supporting muscles around the knee are not strong enough to take on the impact alone, so i begins to be too much and eventually will tear the ACL and other supporting muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Some of the most common sport induced injuries include:

A Sprain

A sprain is when the ligament (the connective tissue that connects bones to bones) tears or over stretches. A sprain can also happen if the muscle fibers are stretched or torn.
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Tearing the ACL

The ACL injury, is when the Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears. This can happen when one suddenly stops, changes direction rapidly or landing from a jump incorrectly.
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Hamstring Strain

A hamstring Strain is when the muscle fibers within the muscles are stretched or torn too far. This can happen from muscle imbalance, or muscle tightness.

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Shin Splints

Shin splints are pain on the shin bone, the tibia. This happens mostly when runners run on hard surfaces or fail to have the proper running support.
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How can i avoid injuring myself when i play sports?

To avoid sports related injuries like these, one athlete should always allow the body to rest and rebuild itself. Over-training and sleep deprivation are the most common overlooked injury prone reasons. Wearing the right gear, stretching your body before and after each exercise activity and using the proper technique will lower the risk of injuries as well.

Staying heathy, hydrated, having a regular sleep pattern, well nourished, and being updated are the best things you can do for your body as an athlete.

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