Unit 10

Reflecting Back

Welcome to Unit 10 Everyone!


Congratulations! You have learned how to use rhetorical strategies to persuade your audiences in both written and multimedia formats. Together, we have established a supportive learning community that has helped each other develop strong writing and feedback skills.

This week, you get to relax a little and share with us what you have gained from this process. Many of you know the saying “Hindsight is always 20/20.” This is your chance to share things that you would have done differently (and perhaps will do differently in the future) with your digital media project. Perhaps you have intentions to continue the work that you started this term. If so, please share with us what is next.

Be sure to get those discussion posts turned in by Sunday, September 9th as that is the last day to submit discussions for Unit 10 and any outstanding work from Units 8 and 9.

I have enjoyed getting to know each of you this term through our discussions, seminars, the learning space, and your projects. I wish you the best in your studies, and please know that I am still available by email, even if I am not your instructor anymore. I love it when students email me with updates on their progress, or even for a quick question about how to apply something learned in this class to another course.

Here's what you need to do this week:

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Important Reminders

Due Dates: All late work (even initial discussion posts) from Units 8 and 9 is due on September 9th at 11:59 PM ET.

All discussion posts are also due by Sunday, September 9th.

This deadline is not flexible. Unit 10 work can't be submitted after Sunday and late work can't be submitted after Sunday.

Use Signal Phrases in our final discussion

Use signal phrases to share how your revision ideas relate to the design strategies mentioned in the learning activities.

Remember to use these in future assignments and writing!

Self-compassion skill: Try the quiz again

You worked hard! You did your best. You pushed past what you already know.

How has self-compassion helped you this term? Did you try any of the exercises?

What did you learn from them?

Remember, we can apply self-compassion to any situation and it really works!

Try taking the self-compassion quiz again. Has your self-compassion improved?

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