Morning Arrival Reminder- Bray St.

News from Mrs. Bush

Reminder for Drop Off on Bray St. Sidewalk


1. You may not allow the students to unload unless a school employee (usually Mrs. Walker) is at the sidewalk slope.

2. If a school employee is not at the slope, you may not park there and wait. You will either need to drive around and come back, park in the lot or line up in the drive behind the buses.

Please note:

*Cars forming a line on Bray are causing a safety issue at the intersection of Bray and Ben. I would like to keep the Bray St. drop off point an option, so please follow these procedures so we can do so.

* The right lane on Bray near the park, should be for cars lining up to enter behind the buses for drop off in FRONT of the building ONLY. The left lane should be for cars going straight to the Bray street drop off or for those cars pulling into the parking lot to park and walk their students up.


There is no one to cross students at the intersection of Bray and Ben until 7 am (or very close to that time.) So, please keep your students home a few more minutes if they are getting to the intersection early. You can ask them if Mrs. Deutscher is there to cross them, if not, they are too early.

Please email or call with any questions, and thank you so much for keeping our students safe!