Steve Jobs

Brian Brophy

Early Life

Born in San Francisco, California on February 24th, 1955. Both parents put him up for adoption, he was smart but had no direction. His Father Abdulfattah Jandali was a political science professor, and his mother Joanne Schieble was a speech therapist. He then found his biological parents at the age of 27, but was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs. Clara was an accountant and Paul was a coast guard veteran. Him and Paul would work in the garage almost all day on electronics in their Mountain View home.
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What he Invented

Steve Jobs was a very successful man as the CEO of apple producing millions of products such as Iphones, Ipods, Mac, retina display and Ipads. The product changed the way we lived because it makes it a lot easier to do access things whenever you want. Such as if you were traveling and needed to check your e-mails for work you can. Apple just has made technology more convenient when you need something. I think we could live without Apple because we still have the other devices made by other companies, but those don't have all the features that Apple does. Things that were invented later was Ipads and Ipods that have cameras and faster processing. He only made $1 per year because all the money he made he put it right back into the company to try and make it even better whenever he got the chance.
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Jobs never took school seriously he was always fooling around and getting taken out of class by the teacher. The administrators wanted him to skip to high school but his parents declined it. He then enrolled in Homestead high school in 1971 and finally met his future partner Steve Wozniak, who was attending the University of Michigan. Him and jobs seemed to have the same interests in electronics.
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Qualities and Skills

The qualities you need in order to be successful like Steve Jobs is to be determined that you can get a computer to work and make a product that you can make lots of money off of. You also need skills such as being able to work with electronics and knowing about all the parts that go into computers.

My opinion

i admire what they did because they started out in a garage and became this huge world wide corporation making billions of dollars. I don't have any interests on designing something, I am not the best at creating a computer from scratch. If I were to venture out on my own i would probably try to make a medicine that can cure a disease that's very deadly today to save hundreds of thousands of peoples lives.