MIS Monday Message

June 15 - 19

Teaching or Learning?

Can you believe the first week of summer is already over? I hope you're relaxing and taking some time for yourself. Blake and I have been working hard to begin preparations for next year. We have finished the pullout schedule and student handbook, and Mary has been working on the online handbook. I will share these documents with you soon for your review. We are still looking for a music teacher, so if you know anyone interested, please let me know. If I'm unable to find someone, then I will be looking for a great long-term sub. If you know any subs who might be interested, please let me know. My hope is that I'll find the right teacher, but sometimes it takes a little while in the Fine Arts areas. I'll keep looking for the perfect person for the MIS team!

Two of our content teams did their PD this past week, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other teams this week. You have hard work ahead of you, but it's so important. In light of the work we've been doing on our units and curriculum, I've really been thinking about this question: "Do we focus on teaching, or learning?" I hope you'll reflect on this throughout the summer and as you prepare for next year because the answer to this question makes all the difference. The video below will introduce you to John Hattie's 8 Mindframes of Learning. I think you'll find his work to be well aligned to what we've been reading in Mindset.

Speaking of Mindset, I hope you've read Chapter 1! I have posted some reflective thoughts and questions in Google Classroom for you to use in your own reflection or with discussion groups. By posting them in the Classroom we will have the opportunity to reply and share thoughts as we each read and discuss. Please share your thoughts! If you're sticking with the plan to read a chapter each week, then your assignment this week is to read Chapter 2.

Don't forget to share pictures with me of the fun you're having this summer. I'd love to share with everyone so we can stay in touch.

Have a great week!

VideoScribe on John Hattie's Visible Learning

Tech Task

Now that you have a little more time, I'm going to periodically include a Tech Task for those of you interested in stretching yourself in technology. This week try to go on Twitter and find five new people to follow. Remember that when you follow like-minded educators, you're building your PLN!

Don't forget about our school hashtag #MISbilliesrock. If something cool happens at PD this week, let's tweet it! I'm also going to expand the hashtag to Instagram, so try using it there as well.

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Monday, 6/15

  • 3rd and 4th grade Math and 4th and 5th grade Literacy PD @ MIS
  • Daysprings starts summer program @ MIS in Greer's room

Tuesday, 6/16

  • 3rd and 4th grade Math and 4th and 5th grade Literacy PD @ MIS
  • School Board meeting @ MIS, 6 pm.

Wednesday, 6/17

  • 3rd and 4th grade Math and 4th and 5th grade Literacy PD @ MIS