Brave Bulls Update


Literacy O'Lantern Contest

Create a book character on a pumpkin or gourd

Grab a Sharpie, paint, accessories, and activate your imagination!

  • An individual or family project for home.
  • Turn in pumpkins Oct. 19-22 to tables in the hall by the office. The earlier the better, so the kids can enjoy them longer.
  • Attach card with child's name, teacher's name and character/book title
  • Pumpkins to be judged Mon., Oct. 26th by Tom Lea staff. Any pumpkin turned in after the 25th will not be a part of the judging.
  • Pumpkins to go home no later than Oct. 30.


  • Top 5 winners selected will be “Parade Marshals” leading the Halloween Parade


  • Look for characters with simple shapes and pick a fruit that’s similar.
  • Pick Details! For the most part you won’t be able to fit an entire character and every feature of that character. Pick a few details to get it just right.
  • Use Accessories! Captain Underpants with REAL UNDIES, a raised Play-Doh scar for Harry Potter, a crown for Mercy Watson “Princess in Disguise.”
  • WARNING -Pumpkins that are punctured, ooze and rot quickly! Please avoid, and stick with glue and tape!
  • There are a ton of possibilities -HAVE FUN!

October Book of the Month - Just Ask

Each month the entire campus reads the same book. Each classroom reads the book and students respond to the book. This month the book we are reading is, Just Ask: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You by Sonia Sotomayor. Take time to talk with you child about this book. This is a great way for all of us to connect as a community.
JUST ASK by Sonia Sotomayor Read Aloud

Intercession No School from October 4-15

Students return on October 18. The office will be closed from October 6-15. The only person on duty will be Mrs. Casillas, the principal. Teachers will also be off.

Intersession for selected 4th and 5th grade students

On October 6, 7, and 8, selected students will attend intersession from 8:00-12:30. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Only the front entranced will be opened. Students should be dropped off and picked up at the front.

Federal Surveys

The response to the Federal Surveys has been extremely low. Please take a moment to complete the survey. The office will be open on October 4 & 5 if you have any questions.


Call school every day at 230-5450 your child is absent from school by 10:00 a.m. reporting period. State reason for absence—illness, appointments, COVID, etc. If you receive a call from the school TEAMS system stating your child’s absence is unverified, please call back to make sure that you have a valid reason for absence to address unverified absence. Failure to address an unverified absence will lead to an unexcused absence reason.

For COVID absences, please provide documentation from physician for positive COVID test, especially if quarantine is needed. Please provide our school nurse, Angie Gutierrez, with a copy of the positive results. This is needed so that remote instruction access can be arranged as well as work missed due to absence. Our school Nurse will verify COVID positive test and quarantine information you present with Mrs. Casillas, Principal, Mrs. Mohler, Asst. Principal/Attendance Administrator, and Mrs. Theresa Duran, Attendance Clerk, to set up remote instruction for those days.

For pull out absences for appointments, a doctor’s note or provider’s note is required to excuse absence. Please request that notice at the end of your appointment as most health care offices will ask if you need a note to return to school. Once received, please send it to Mrs. Theresa Duran, Attendance Clerk in the Front Office so she can excuse the pull out absence.

Prearranged absences/Parent absence request forms must be requested from Mrs. Theresa Duran, Attendance Clerk. These forms must be filled out in advance for these absences with documentation provided especially if there is more than one sibling involved. These are available in the office. For more information, contact Mrs. Duran, Attendance Clerk.

The attendance theme, “It’s Cool to Come to School,” is still being followed. A catchy jingle has been added to our theme and is easy to remember to avoid tardiness as follows:

It’s Cool to Come to School

Come by 8:00, so you won’t be late!

Being punctual is a learned behavior and as a parent, you want your children to instill being on time is important to establish a good life time habit especially in the world of work.

Notice of Attendance is mailed out every Monday. If you receive one, please contact Mrs. Mohler, 230-5454, to discuss attendance situation. If you leave Mrs. Mohler a voice message, please state your name and your child’s name within message as well as your phone number to return your call to have this conversation.

Tom Lea Library News

Dear Parents / Guardians:

In front of the school building, we have a little free library where your children may pick and take a book for their reading pleasure. They may want to leave one in exchange for another student to read and enjoy.

October Events

Annual Halloween Storybook character decorating contest. Decoration a pumpkin as your favorite book character with your family. Get creative and have some fun. Pumpkins will be put on display in the library starting October 18 through October 28, 21. All submissions must be brought to the library by the morning of the 28th of October. Winners will be announced on November 1, 21. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

On October 28, 21 join the fun in the library for Scary Stories at 3:30 pm. It should get you in the mood for some Halloween fun.

Thank you,

Lisa K. Gailey, librarian

Parents and caregivers can talk with their children about their school and digital life, and the many roles children can play in bullying. By asking open-ended questions, they can talk about their children’s experience and communicate expectations about appropriate behavior – in person and in their digital world. Parents are the primary role models for their children, and when they model the behavior they expect from their children, they teach through actions.

Parents should also be aware of Texas state laws and district policy regarding bullying. David’s Law Senate Bill 179 defines bullying a single significant act or pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student that exploits an imbalance of power in written or verbal expression, through electronic means or physical conduct. It is important that both parents and students communicate with school personnel regarding any concerns of bullying behaviors.

Nurse News

Tom Lea Parents,

The weather is changing and fall is on its way…

This means triggers for asthma, due to cold and dry conditions, may need to be addressed with your school nurse to limit your child’s absences and increased symptoms.

Things to remember when it comes to inhalers and other medications at school…

1. A Practitioner’s Written Order/Parent Consent statement dated for the CURRENT school year needs to be completed by the parent/legal guardian AND the child’s Texas licensed medical provider.

2. The parent needs to provide the medication with the prescription label, to the school nurse.

3. Child may not carry his/her own inhaler or medication unless the doctor and the parent agree and document it on the permission form. (I do not recommend this for elementary students as this means they will need to have it on hand at all times and it would be the child’s responsibility.

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Gifted/Talented News Flash:

GT testing window will open upon return from intersession. Please request GT testing packet from Mrs. Mohler, GT Coordinator, if you are interested in having your child tested. Packets will be available starting Monday, October 18, 2021.

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The Walk/Bike to School Event will be held Friday, October 22nd. We encourage all students to walk, bike, scooter, roller blade to school that day. Families are encouraged to join their students. We are seeking donations for goodie bags the students that participate. Those items may include: healthy snacks, stickers, pencils etc. We will be putting together 200 bags.

We are also seeking parent volunteers for this event. If you have been approved through our VIPS program and would like to volunteer, please consider signing up.

You can sign up for donations and a volunteer slot at the sign up genius link below.

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Oct 8 2021, 4 pm - 8 pm

Get into the fall spirit at the Old Fort Bliss Replica!

Enjoy a pumpkin patch, lawn games, face painting, fall craft activities, vendors & more!

Pumpkins & food will be available for purchase.

Open to the public, all ages welcome!

Info: 915-588-8482


FREE to attend.

Pumpkins & food will be available for purchase.


Old Fort Bliss Replica Cultural Center
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Join Applebee’s in some Halloween fun this month!

Applebee’s is inviting all students from local schools to participate in the 2021 Applebee’s Halloween Coloring Contest! The contest starts today and will run until October 31st. Students are invited to color in the scene in the attached flyer and drop it off at their favorite Applebee’s location. No purchase necessary. One winner per location, for a total of 10 winners, will be randomly chosen and notified on November 5th. Each winner will receive a Special Prize, including an Applebee’s Gift Card!