North Korean Control

Why are North Koreans Controlled?

How are North Koreans Controlled?

They are cut off from the internet so that they cannot learn about anything, and this is just to be taught through the news, schools, and pretty much any real notable way. With such ridiculous facts as Kim Jong Il made the cheese burger, and that he is magical, it’s hard to think anyone would believe it, however because North Koreans have no access to anything but these facts, there’s no way for them to know it’s wrong. (Kim Jong-Un Deepens Abusive Rule.)

Are North Koreans Punished for Questioning this Control?

Yes, and very severely, if found doing any acts of non-loyalty, or rebellion against the government, they are punished. These acts consist of things from creasing a picture of a political figure, to speaking out in crowds, or even listening to South Korean, or American music. These acts are also treated with no mercy. Giving North Koreans almost no freedom of speech in more ways than talking.

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How are North Koreans Punished for Questioning their Control?

Usually, if not being shot, gassed, or poisoned with a liquid, they are thrown into concentration camps. These camps can be as large as two Nazi camps to the size of old soviet ones. No media really knows what goes on inside of these camps, but because they are so large, and can house as many as 80,000 to 120,000, people… probably very similar things to what happened in the second world war in Nazi concentration camps.( Liberty in North Korea.)
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Why are North Koreans Punished so Drastically?

The only logical reason for a country punishing it’s people for talking is to stop rumors from spreading entirely, if the “disease” can’t spread, no one can get it. Adding even more layers to protect North Koreans from being exposed to the truth and knowing what’s really going on. It’s like Pol Pot and the Nazis were the Kim Jong’s idols.

Why are North Koreans Controlled?

Coming to a conclusion it becomes more clear that North Koreans are controlled for three main reasons. North Korean leaders want to be seen as heroes to their people, they don’t want their people to get in the way of what they want to try to do, and they want their people to help whenever necessary. The North Korean leaders want to be seen as good people to their population because, if they were seen as who they are and what they have done, then many people would become angered and not want them to be leaders. It also adds a layer of trust to their leaders persona, as they now seem like nice people. Which leads into the next reason North Koreans are controlled, they don’t want their people to get in the way of what they’re doing, so they need to have no role in it whatsoever. (As they may try to stop the killing of millions of people.) And finally, with all of this trust, and greatness built into their minds, it makes much of the North Korean population want to help their country whenever necessary and not thing against it once. Giving North Korea lots of workers, and lots of power.

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Summary of North Korean Control

With this information it is evident that almost all, (if not all), North Koreans are controlled into doing things, and learning things that no good population should. This is done to them because North Korean leaders want to be seen as heroes, and want their people to always be ready to jump in and help them whenever necessary. If the population questions this control, they will be punished by either death, or things like giant concentration camps. This is because of the “if no one has the disease, it can’t spread”, effect. The control happens by North Koreans not being able to access internet, or access anything outside of North Korean media.

How Has This Inquiry Changed Me?

This question and research process has changed me because I now understand that North Koreans, and many other people do not have access or permission to many things that Americans do, including peace of mind, and basic information. This is because, in america many people have phones as young as nine nowadays, and even more luxurious, Americans have the power to look at the entire world through media or going to other countries, while North Koreans believe that they are the only great place in the world, (because they don’t know better.) It -in just days- has made me appreciate everything I have a lot more. Especially the power to actually have knowledge so easily. In america, if someone wants to learn something then they will just have to go to school, or look something up on the internet, and maybe retake collage. Where in many other places people just have to try to move to a different country to learn ABCs. It (in my mind,) has made me a better, or at least more intuitive person.

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How was the Research Process?

Because of the massive amount of things that have happened in North Korea in more recent years, thing were a bit hard to research apart from using databases in the “library” tab on the school page, this is because on things like opposing viewpoints, though there was a lot, it was all dependant on the words searched and not the website that payed the most like on Google. What was easy was the fact that all information on North Korea made me want to make like fifteen big question, but I settled for smaller. With a topic like this, everything was also very just completely ridiculous, and this made the process a bit more fun, and enjoyable. That was coupled with the fact that the class was able to choose their own topic, which I love doing and was upset when I learned that to get into AIM the person had to write something give to them.

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