New Media

By Charlotte And Beth

Strengths on New Media

Interactivity allows multi-modal communication. This is a one to one or one to many way of communicating. New media includes pop ups, banners, and QR codes which advertises from the web, this is a strength as it informs people more quickly as it is an officent way of giving information. Page 322 in the applied business book.

Weaknesses on New Media

People may not have phones so this is one weakness so the use of text messaging is irrevelent. Also people may not be able to access the internet/emails because they cant afford it or dont want to be apart of it. An example of this is the older generation because they didnt grow up with all this new technology. Pop ups and banners doesnt help brand image because it can irritate people and this would give them less public views.

Production requirments on New Media

Companies need physical requirments to be able to gain awareness.

These things are:

Computer - So the company can create better information for their customers.

Internet service provider

Web space/server space for a company website

Relevent software e.g. website creation programme, web browser etc

Mobile phone(not always necessary)

Colour camera/video camera if using still images or moving images for mms, website, website banners etc. Found on Mr Blakes Projector.

Cost of media space on New Media


The internet is rapdily growing nationally and internationally. It doesnt have a certain audience type. There is no minimum cost but large portals which require £1,000 minimum spend. It generates fully accountable direct response and dialogue with audience