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"Changes in elevation and slope of streams, canals, and drains, and damage to bridges, roads, railroads, storm drains, sanitary sewers, canals, and levees" are a few problems that subsidence can do.

Humans are affected by subsidence by it destroying are homes and it can destroy resources.

Wildlife could die from lack of air under ground, getting crushed or can destroy their homes.

Wildlife like moles and other creatures that live under ground would be most affected by subsidence because it would destroy their homes and they could suffocate or get crushed.

League City is affected by subsidence because subsidence can happen to brick or rock buildings or building like things.

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"Two Killed In Atlanta as Sinkhole Engulfs Part of Hotel Parking Lot"

This shows how dangerous and serious subsidence is.

This article also shows how subsidence is a serious thing, cities are sinking.



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Subsidence is caused by "removal of underground water, compaction, drainage of organic soils, underground mining, and thawing permafrost."

To make a solution the should use a machine that lets you know if there is subsidence in somewhere and they should put a quick dry cement made of plant matter in ,on, or both on the spot that has subsidence there, my idea wouldn't be able to be used right now because the government or who ever probably don't have a quick dry cement made of plant matter.

California is most affected by subsidence.

Subsidence could destroy the land it's self literally.

To try and keep your house from getting subsidence you can underpin your house(if you already have it), taking care of gutters, planting plants in far away area's or none at all if you don,t want subsidence at all, and make sure none of your pipes are leaking.,