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Spring is Here Song

Spring is on the Horizon!

While I know that short video is a bit premature, Spring will officially be here before we know it! Spring for teachers signals the beginning of the end. We've surpassed the first semester, the 100th day of school and are looking to Spring Break! As you contain your enthusiasm, I know there is much work to be done. Many of you are making preparations of the final push toward EOGs, EOCs, ASWs, etc. Now is a great time to employ many of those personalized learning strategies in order ensure that all students' needs are being met in preparation for their final assessments. There is also time to try something new if you are in pursuit of additional data or just not seeing the results you'd like. Remember, there are several tools on the tablet (class management tools) that give immediate feedback (i.e. Quick Poll, Short Answer, etc.) in order to group/regroup students or simply gather data.

As always, I am available to assist in anyway that I can with using the tablet, implementing personalized learning strategies or both!

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Kiser: Mondays & Wednesdays
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School-Based Professional Development Sessions

Upcoming Transforming Education Sessions

[Now in Digital Form a.k.a. "Flipped"] Ways to Use Quick, Digital Formative Assessments in the Middle School Classroom

  • Why do we use formative assessments? To guide instruction. Personalized learning is about knowing where are students are and whether we need to reteach or accelerate. The faster and easier we can do that, the better. Join me for tools that are easy to use and will give you feedback in a flash. This will include familiar things items such as getting the most out of the classroom management tools on the tablet and *new items* such as Plickers, Backchannel Chat, and more!
  • This session is now in digital form due to the loss of days from inclement weather. If you are interested, I will be glad to share the link to the Blendspace of resources with you.

Group Work Strategies

  • You have class data, now what? Whether it be data from interim assessments or other formative, classroom assessments the data from this information is the ticket you need to form purposeful groups. After a brief explanation of a couple of types of grouping strategies, attendees will choose one that fits them and actively create groups, rules and/or tasks for immediate use!
  • This session will be held during the March early release day at Kernodle and in digital form (or in person by request) @ Kiser.

Tablet and Tech Tidbits

General Info

Amplify System updates:

    Changes to Student Avatars
    • Teachers can now see their students avatars on the Select Student screen
    • Student Avatars are now visible in the Discussion tool
    • For helpful guides and information, visit our Knowledge Base and our online community for helpful information and to engage with fellow teachers around the country

February Instructional Technology Newsletter: Great courses are happening all over GCS. Check out ITI's latest newsletter sure to see the shout out to Kiser! Congrats!

Check this out!

Tablet Tool: News-O-Matic If you have not yet discovered this gem, it's a great app offered in the Amplify Market. This app offers interesting current events for students with lots of way to interact with the text, options for read aloud, comprehension and more. Check out this page on their website ( for tips on how to use this in your classroom! As a snapshot, their tips include:

  • Morning meetings
  • Shared reading
  • Independent reading
  • Vocabulary development and more!

To start using this tool, download it from the Amplify Market today!

Web 2.0 Tool: Channel 1 News Along the same lines as News-O-Matic, Channel One news offers daily news briefs and videos based on world events. Although access to the entire site requires a subscription, the daily news clips are free! A new three-part video about daily events is available with at least one CCSS-aligned question following the first video. What a great and engaging way to start/end your classes, provide an option for group work or extend students' thinking! Check out today's clips below:

Ready-to-Use Resources

Women's History Month

Visit this link for lesson plans, activities, printables, audio/video files and more to help you integrate the importance and impact of women's accomplishments into into your curriculum. There is something here for all subject areas!

St. Patrick's Day

Here are 12 free things to support lessons surrounding the theme of St. Patrick's Day. Numbers 7 & 9-12 are most appropriate for middle school. Enjoy!