LCM 13.0 Output


After some major LC forums, we finally had an LCM this Saturday, with a lot of Q4 insights and health checks. Let's overview:

Department Updates, Back Office and Front Office

Every department's individual teams with their VPs and TLs presented crisp and general updates on where they stand in terms of projects and tangibles with MoS' and KPI's, along with their plans for the rest of October.

All of the departments' PPTs can be viewed here.

Mid Month Review

Vivek took up the Mid Month Review for October, where we were given a clear picture of where we stand as an LC in the National standings and how creating Best Case Practices can ensure that we achieve what we set out for. Currently, AIESEC in Mumbai stands 3rd in India, with 275 exchanges.
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Relevance of AIESEC to the Indian Economy

Yesha gave us an insight into the finance that goes on in GTo, and the expenditure that goes into every corporate exchange. We as an organization, as an LC, affect the Mumbai's GDP so massively that every single exchange makes an enormous difference to our economy. That's something to keep in mind when considering the impact that we create on a daily basis.
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Member Appreciation

Certain members and Team Leaders have been working limitlessly for the past 10 days, and these individuals were appreciated for their dedication and hard work. Do check out the ppt here, to know more about the contribution that these guys have made to AIESEC in Mumbai.

LC Calendar for Quarter 4

We saw what the next 2 and a half months look like for the LC, with some major forums coming soon.

National Planning Conference - Oct 20th to 24th

Operational Unit Meetings and Matching Nights

Reception and Servicing Team Applications - 19th October

Youth Speak Talks

Full Membership Phase 2

EB 2016 OS, Applications and Timelines - post NPC

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Aaaand, that's a wrap.

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