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by annymous

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we are on the top 10 list of best componys

our company is in thirroul

we are eco friendly but we are not friendy to fossil fuels though

we are happy for any new or old house holds to join

opening hours Monday --Friday 6:00am to 7:00 pm on Weekends we are open 7:00 am 12:00 pm




first we put a wheel in a river or lake or just a water way and a rod is atached to the wheel that is connected to a generator that generates energy this methord can be usesed in lots of differ en ways such as:

.a hill going downwards and pu a bunch in there tht would be alot of energy or ad a water way back to the top of the hill so it is continus and put wheels in the hill back up and use them to push the water up the hill that would generate alot of energy

info on our hydro energy

it is realy cheap and isn't un efficent it is acctuly very efficent because we use uninhabbited and if it becomes in habbited we will move if we have to. we asure there is no animals there

the other way it works

our energy is genertated by water flowing and it makes kenetic energy by the water falling and goes throgh fillters and turbines the water pushes the filters prepeler in the fillter turbine witch puts energy into our generater witch we import to houses that buy our energy