Antebellum reform

Mental hospital

-dorothea dix: Exposed inhumane treatment of mentally ill

-States create mental hospital not prison to give the mentally ill proper help


-prisoners were treated inhumanely were something jailed just for being in debt

-prisons began focusing more rehabilitating prisoners and ''debtors prison was abolished

public education

Education was only affordable for the wealthy

-Many believed the country could only survive if citizen were educated

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Alcohol abuse

-Many saw alcohol abuse as the root of societys problems

-Temperance:Moderation of alcohol use

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Womens rights

-Seneca falls convention: Started the organized women"s right movement in the U.S

-Impact:womans rights movements was overshadowed by the biggest reform movement abolitionism

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Abolition of slavery

-The abolition of slavery was the biggest and most divisive issue of reform

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