All about Kenzie :D!!

Being a blonde - with low expectations it's easy to impress.

" Who I Am "

I think blonde jokes are funny, even though I'm a blonde.

I am a Christian.

I like to be funny, sometimes.

I am crazy.

I have a great interest in hair and nails.

I am good at hair and nails.

My values are my family, friends, and faith.

I feel that I learn best hands on.

I have good self-esteem.

"Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?"

All of these things should be considered when deciding a career so that you have a job that interests and suits you. For example, if I am a hands on learner, then I shouldn't work somewhere behind a desk all day.

" Where I Am Going "

My Career as a....... Hair Stylist

Job Description....... Hair Stylists cut, style, wash, condition, color, and dry hair.

Median Salary (annually)....... $22,500

Job Outlook....... 14% (about as fast as average)

Cluster....... Human services

Work Schedule....... Part time (unless self-employed)

Work Environment....... Salon

Something interesting about my career....... Physical stamina is important, because workers are on their feet for most shift.

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" How I Get There "

I want to go to Paul Mitchell The School in Fayetteville, AR.

I want to go there because I want to be a hair stylist and it is the closest one to my parents.

You have to go to a state-licensed cosmetology school.

I hope to qualify for an academic scholarship.

It costs about $13,700 and requires 1600 class hours, therefore the cost per hour is about $8.50.

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