Paying It Forward

A Great Thing To Do

By: Andrew Crane

Imagine a world without arguments and hate... Without the word unfair... A world that everyone gets treated fairly... A world where everyone fits in... That’s my goal. My goal is to make everyone to be treated fairly. Pay It Forward means that everyone get’s treated friendly. Pay It Forward also means when you get treated nicely, you pass on that niceness to another person that needs help. The cycle just keeps on going and going until it spreads across the state, maybe the country!

What I did to Pay It Forward, was to help my friends pick up their books and folders. Like one time I was walking to writing class when my friend Cade dropped his big math book.
Then, during Writing class, Cade was respectful to Mr. Einertson! Then he was nice during the class period, and everyone learned something that day!

Another time I took out the garbage when I was babysitting my brother. When my mom and dad got home, they were so happy when they found out I took out the trash! They rewarded me with a burger at McDonalds!

Then last week I had a hockey game. We won 2-0! On our way back we stopped at a McDonalds. When we went to order, an old lady dropped her change. So I helped her pick up all of her change. She thanked me, and then left.

Paying It Forward is a great way to help people! If you pay it forward you're just putting yourself in the spot of a good person! Paying it forward is awesome! If you agree, Pay It Forward!
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