Car Air Bags

ivory sanders

What Type Of Equation Causes An Airbag To Inflate ?

2 NaN3(s) → 2 Na(s) + 3 N2(g)

The Type Of Equation That Causes An Airbag To Inflate Is Decomposition.

Compound that causes reaction | NAN3 (Sodium Azide)

Substances Produced

Nitrogen Gas(N2), potassium oxide(K2O), sodium oxide(Na2O) & Silicate Gass(SiO2).

Where Does The Energy Source Come From That Starts the Reaction?

The airbag system ignites the solid propellant, which burns rapidly to create a large volume of gas to inflate the Airbag

What are some statistics on how airbags are beneficial?

  • The National Traffic Safety Administration Says That More Than 6,377 Lives Are Saved And Countless Injuries Are Prevented
  • Deaths in frontal crashes were reduced about 26 percent among drivers using seat belts and about 32 percent among drivers without belts(2006)
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How an Airbag works