Compliance Course Tips

Help with Compliance Eduphoria eCourses

eCourse Compliance Training

The new school year has begun and with a new year comes the need to re-take compliance eCourses in Eduphoria.

If your Principal/Supervisor has requested you take District compliance training in Eduphoria, it is available through eCourses in the GCCISD Eduphoria site. To access a course, go to https://goosecreek.schoolobjects and follow the instructions below. If you have not taken an eCourse in Eduphoria or you are having trouble receiving credit, I have provided a link to a helpful tutorial to introduce you to eCourses.

Instructions to access an eCourse:

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome browser. Eduphoria is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. Google Chrome can be installed by clicking the following link: Download Google Chrome

1. Click on the Eduphoria link above
2. Log in with your Eduphoria user name and password
3. Click the eCourses icon
4. Click the desired course
5. Click “Register” to enroll for the eCourse
6. To open the course, click “My Portfolio” and select the course
7. To begin the course, click the “Course Content” tab

8. Follow the directions closely.

9. On the Acknowledgement or Assessment pages, be sure to click 'Score Assessment'

10. Use the blue arrow to navigate to the "You have reached the end of the chapter' page and close the window with the red x in the top right corner.

11. You should have a green box with a check mark indicating you have completed the course. Click 'Request Credit' at the top of the page.

11. A survey will appear that needs to be completed. To receive credit, you must complete the 'Survey' and click Submit.

If this is your first eCourse or you are having trouble getting credit, please review this brief How-To tutorial.

How to Take an eCourse