Meadow Brook Staff Newsletter

Week of March 4

Quote of the Week

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. Chinese proverb

PLC Focus


We recently had to do a presentation over STAR data and how we are progressing towards our SMART Goals. I have attached a copy of our presentation for you to look at if you would like.

We are proud of the work we are doing here at Meadow Brook. We believe all students can learn at high levels, we are willing to serve others before ourselves, and we can have a good time together! These are just a few reasons that working here at Meadow Brook has been so great. THANK YOU!!!

Meadow Brook data presentation


  • Remember, 65%-85% of the questions on the state test are going to be DOK 2. I have attached a picture to help us identify what level of questioning we are currently asking.
  • We know we need questions at every level but let's really make sure that our students are seeing the majority of questions at DOK 2.
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PLC Folder

This is a direct link to the shared PLC folder. Once you open it you may want to star it so it won't get lost in the "Shared with Me" folder.

This Week:

  • Monday: No School
  • Tuesday: (A day) Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Wednesday: (B day) All School Assembly (Reggie Dabbs - 2:00 to 3:00)
  • Thursday: (A day) 6th Grade GRIT Assembly, Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Friday: (B day) 5th Grade GRTT Assembly, PTSO snacks

Important Updates/Reminders

  • Next week is the last week of the nine weeks!
  • No school next Friday, March 15

Dates Coming Up:

March 1-March 8: Book Fair

March 5 and March 7: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4:00-7:00 *4-5 set conferences, 5-7 come and go

March 8: Last Day to sign up for TOY Banquet ($10 to Tami)

March 12: TOY Banquet @ Mustang HS commons

March 15-March 22: Spring Break

March 27: Online Practice Test during Block 1

March 27: Staff Meeting 3:20-4:00

April 9-11: 6th grade OSTP testing

April 22-26: 5th grade OSTP testing

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Meals are being provided both nights! THANK YOU PTSO!!

Tuesday night will be Johnny Carinos, I believe, and Thursday night will be Zaxby's.

We are doing scheduled conference from 4-5 both nights and parents can come and go from 5-7. If there are any conferences that you would like Mark or I to attend please just let us know.

Spring Book Fair---March 1 through March 7

Our Spring Book Fair will open this Friday in the Media Center. The online store is up and running already. You can find the link on Meadow Brook's website. All online purchases will ship to Meadow Brook for free, and Mrs. Pool will deliver them to your homeroom.

Maker Lab

We will be announcing when each grade will have a Maker Lunch in the Maker Lab. The process is the same each time.

Students who would like to spend their lunch trying out our new Maker Lab equipment need to get a pass after announcements from their designated teachers. If they do not get a pass, they will not be allowed to attend. All students with passes will eat FIRST lunch, then politely show the cafeteria duty teacher their pass and ask to be excused to go to the Maker Lab. There will be lots of opportunities to visit the Maker Lab this year, so if they haven't had a chance yet, don't worry!

The next Maker Lunches will be the last week before Spring Break.

Testing Schedule

5th grade:

Monday, April 22: ELA Section 1 (WRITING TEST)

Tuesday, April 23: ELA Section 2 (Part 1 of the Multiple Choice)

Wednesday, April 24: ELA Section 3 (Part 2 of the Multiple Choice)

Thursday, April 25: Math Test (Part 1 and Part 2 of the Multiple Choice)

Friday, April 26: Science Test (Part 1 and Part 2 of the Multiple Choice)

6th grade:

Tuesday, April 9: ELA Section 1 (Part 1 of the Multiple Choice)

Wednesday, April 10: ELA Section 2 (Part 2 of the Multiple Choice)

Thursday, April 11: Math Test (Part 1 and Part 2 of the Multiple Choice)

What will the day look like during testing?

Whichever grade is testing will be on 5th grades schedule. For example, April 9-11, we will flip schedules.

6th grade:

8:00-11:33 *or whenever testing finishes: Testing

Block 1 if there is time

11:39-12:24- LUNCH

Block 2

Extra recess

Block 3

We will do our best to split the rest of the day up evenly between the 3 blocks. You plan time, if your grade is testing, will be during the extra recess. We will go over this more thoroughly at our staff meeting on March 27.

Grade Cam Camera

We now have a camera to use to score your Grade Cam assignments if you want to save your phone battery. We will keep the camera in the Maker Lab where the software will be loaded on to one of those computers. You will also have the option to check out the camera through Mrs. Pool if you want to load the software on your computer in your classroom.

Instructional Strategies

GRIT Ticket

Keep them coming!! It is great to recognize kids for doing what is right!!
Big picture

Thank you for all your hard work!

At Meadow Brook we have GRIT.