Saving & investing

By Chad Gallagher

Why Saving & Investing I Good!!!

I know what your thinking saving money "why would I save my money if i have it now. Well you might not have the money 6 years from now when you want to buy a house after college your going to need to put that money away and slowly the interest will work its magic.

Well you know that money I was just telling you to save we after a couple years invest it. but don't just go in blind it will tare you down. You have to do some research on the stock market and look up a business that interest and find out what people are say about it and most likely if most of the comments are good then it probably a good thing to invest in the reason I say probably is because one: the stock might be so expensive it wont be worth it or two: they might not be coming out with new stuff or keeping the people interested with the company so people will stop buy there product.