Articles of Confederation

Heather Hedrick

what is the articles of confederation?

  • Written by John Dickinson
  • It was created in November 15, 1777
  • It started out as the first written constitution of the U.S
  • Was an agreement among all 13 colonies to direct the american revolutionary war
  • National government did not have the power to raise taxes, they left mercy of state legislature to fund the war
  • Was the first failed realization of an extremely decentralized form of government
  • Is ratified in March 1, 1781 and leads to our constitution today

How did it impact the development of our U.S government?

  • Of course the failure of our Articles of Confederation led to our Constitution
  • Articles of Confederation gave us power to conduct national millitary and foreign policy
  • But really the A.O.C was too weak and couldn't coordinate anything practical
  • The Constitution became the basis of the first government in the U.S
  • we were guaranteed economic stability and that led to the creation of a federal form of government

How does it affect us today?

  • Led to the creation of our federal form of government
The failure of the Articles of confederation led to a great turn around with our Constitution

  • Constitution was designed so the president didn't have an excessive amount of power, which still helps and we use today
  • The constitution guarantees your freedom as an american citizen
  • with that comes freedom of everyday things that can be taken for granted


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