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The best colony in the New World!

Our History and Our Location

Pennsylvania was originally chartered by the Englishman King Charles II and given to William Penn as repayment for a loan. Pennsylvania is located in the land between the colonies of Maryland and New York. The colony has relatively temperate weather. The rich and nutritious soil fosters great agriculture. An abundance of natural resources has allowed us to also become manufacturers of textiles, paper, and iron products.

Our Beliefs and Government

Pennsylvania is a free colony founded by Quakers. Led by William Penn, we are built on the belief that everyone's religious beliefs should be tolerated and respected. William Penn was our first governor, but now we use a general assembly to preside over our colonial government and appoint a governor. Pennsylvania is well known for both agriculture and manufacturing. Crops include wheat, corn, rye, hemp, and flax. Sawmills and gristmills are also very popular.

What makes us unique?

Once again, it is important to reiterate that Pennsylvania is a completely religiously tolerant colony. A major event that has shaped our history is our conflict with the French over trade with natives. Our dominance has a trade partner has helped us expand our borders. Furthermore, our colony boasts the first hospital, insurance company, fire department, and library in the new world.

Highlighting an Exemplary Citizen: Benjamin Franklin

From a young age, Benjamin Franklin has truly been proficient in all trades. He originally worked at a printing shop and also wrote for a newspaper. Later, Franklin published Poor Richard's Almanac, aiding many farmers across Pennsylvania. Recently, he also founded the first public library and was appointed postmaster general in Philadelphia. He is still very young, and we expect that he will continue to serve Pennsylvania and the New World through a long and productive life.