New Year, New Book

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Did you know that there are less than 71 days left in 2014 and we still aren’t able to find your book in any virtual or brick and mortar store?

Are you still pressing the like button on new launches of other people’s books on Facebook while secretly being envious of the day you can show the world that you are an author?

2015 is the year that the world will be able to gain access to your story as well as your brand as a result of taking bold action in the coming days! How can we make such a bold affirmation? This affirmation can be made because you are invited to take part in an event that will show you how you will go from an “aspiring dreamer” to an “Audacious Author”!

Nikki Woods, Aprille Franks-Hunt and Asa Leveaux want you to avoid wasting your valuable time and allowing your sacrifices to be made in vain. Why do we care? We care because we know what it feels like to have a message that is waiting to be birthed without the strategy to bring it to fulfillment. We know what it looks like to buy every book about writing your story down but have no direction. We know what it feels like to do the impossible, create a profit from your pain and recharge a life that some said was not worth living.

Join us on November 11, 2014 at our Google Hangout to gain information how you will gain access to the ride of your life!

How will you know if this is right for you?
- You are frustrated at having a message that no one knows about
- Perhaps you have allowed yourself to be in the background for too long
- Maybe you are tired of not seeing yourself as the public figure that you know you were created to be
- Or, you are ready to bring wealth into your life rather than waste and lack

We are here for you and that will make all the difference!

** New Year, New Book - FREE TRAINING **

Tuesday, Nov. 11th 2014 at 6pm

Google Hangout

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.
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