El Playa del Socorro

Gwen Carr


Continent: Off the northwest coast of Africa                       Country: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain                        Latitude: +28.395 North                                                             Longitude: -16.599 West

Active Beach or Passive Beach?

Active.                                                                                                                                               . El Playa del Socorro is an Active Beach because it was formed by a volcano.

Primary Beach or Secondary Beach?

Primary.                                                                                       . El Playa del Socorro is a Primary Beach because the island it is located on was formed by tectonic processes.                   The force that formed the beach was the Teide Volcano.


El Playa del Socorro has black sand.                                       .  Its black sand is originates from the type of rock called Igneous rocks which are formed by molten lava.  The kind of Igneous rock the sand comes from is Basalt.                  .    Other details about the sand include that black sand is heavier and coarser than golden sand, that black sand retains heat more than golden sand, and that not all of the sand on the beaches of Tenerife are black, there are also beaches with golden sand.

Other Features of the Beach

El Playa del Socorro is know from its great waves and beautiful surroundings.  On Tenerife, El Playa del Socorro and the other beaches with black sand are called “Dark Delights.”