Life Science

Landstown Middle School

Progress Report Time

Classwork is an important part of building our understanding of Life Science. This week, students have been given several in-class opportunities to work on assignments they did not turn in on time.

Grades for progress reports are due next week, so we need late work no later than Tuesday. Sit down with your child, log into ParentVue or StudentVue, and check their grade with them. If your child has any assignments listed as Missing (Mi), which is equivalent to a zero, they until the end of the unit to turn it in and their grade will be replaced in the gradebook.

ATTENTION Advanced Classes

Hofacker & Nagel Classes

Students will be creating stop-motion videos to diagram the steps of mitosis. Students will be working in groups of two to complete this project.

Each group of two students will need a total of 4 different colors of Play-Doh (it does not have to be name brand, but we do know Dollar Tree has it in stock). Please have your child bring these to school no later than Wednesday December 12/Thursday December 13.

If you are unable to send in Play-Doh, please let your child's teacher know!

Wade & Frederick Classes

Landstown Middle School is hosting its second Science Café. The Café will be held on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 after school at Landstown Middle School. More information will be coming home next week!

The goal of the Virginia Beach Science Café is to make scientific research more accessible to the public by giving scientists the opportunity to effectively communicate the importance of their work. An effective presentation will be an infographic that shows the relationship between cells or genetics and one of the following focus areas: medicine, nutrition, health, disease or the environment. We look forward to your participation in this important endeavor.

I Can Statements


  • I can differentiate between the purpose of mitosis and meiosis.
  • I can explain the role and structure of DNA.
  • I can describe the contributions of Mendel, Franklin, Watson and Crick to our basic understanding of genetics.
  • I can explain the function of genes and chromosomes.


  • I can recognize that cells are the basic structure of living things.
  • I can explain cell division
  • I can sequence the steps of the cell cycle, including mitosis.
  • I can differentiate between the purpose of mitosis and meiosis.
  • I can explain the role and structure of DNA.

Upcoming Important Dates

December 6 & 7
  • ADVANCED Cell Transport & Living Things Quiz

December 10 & 11

  • CORE Cell Cycle & Mitosis Quiz

December 12

  • Progress Report Grades due to guidance

December 12 & 13

  • ADVANCED (Hofacker & Nagel classes) Groups of two students need to bring 4 colors of Play-Doh

December 14

  • Progress Reports issued to students

December 18

  • Science Cafe Presentations (Wade & Frederick classes)

December 21

  • Early Release for all students

December 22 - January 1

  • Winter Break


Thank you for asking your child about what they learned in school each day. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns.

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