Staying In-the-Know

with Ms. Cloyd & Mrs. Drayton

VIP Folders

-weekly graded work

-missing assignment sheet (if applicable)

-tests go home next Thursday

-scholastic order forms (due back next Friday, September 27th)

Thank you all so much for reviewing Progress Reports, signing, and sending them back in! We appreciated all that you are doing at home to support the learning in the classroom.

Literacy Night

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September 24th @ 6 pm

Our DFES family will meet in the mini theater at 6:00 pm for a short presentation about the importance of reading, how to support your reader at home, and connections between outside of school reading and school achievement.

Following this presentation, families will move to their child(ren)'s classroom for a READ-IN. If you have children in the school, you are free to choose which room to go to :-). We will read for 20 min and 13 seconds, in recognition of 2013.

We can't wait to see you!

Literacy & Social Studies w/Mrs. Drayton


Our weekly focus has been using predictions and summaries to build and sustain meaning before and after reading. We continue using clues in the text to determine the meanings of unknown words and phrases. Try asking your child about how he or she has used this skill during independent reading at home. You could even model any of these meaning making strategies for your child while your read articles online, the newspaper, magazines, or books!

Our first affixes test is tomorrow. Please be sure that your child reviews these prefixes tonight. It is important that your child knows the meaning of the prefix and how the meaning of a base word changes when the affix is added to it. Remember, there is a link on my webpage that will take you to the flashcards. Happy studying!

Our affixes (prefixes):

re-: again

uni-: one

bi-: two

tri-: three

multi-: many

pre-: before

Next week's affixes (suffixes):

-ful: full of

-less: without

-er: more than, comparing 2 things

-iest: most, comparing 3 or more things

-ing: in the action of doing something

-ist: someone who

Book Report

We completed our first book report in class this week. After your child made an independent attempt, we sat side by side to review any components that may have been missing and your child went back to fix his or her work. The next book report will be due October 4th on any fiction or informational book of your child's choosing.

Social Studies

Last Thursday and Friday we completed our first social studies test on the Reconstruction. We went through this test, step by step. On Thursday, we read the questions and underlined or circle key words to figure out what the question is asking us. Then, we eliminated choices by determining what does not fit what we know and getting our choice down to 50/50. On Friday, your child used his or her notes as a resources. By studying nightly, your child knew where to look for information to support their thinking.

If your child was unsatisfied with their grade, there was a form to be completed titled "Request to Retest". On this form, your child must fill in the topic to be retested on, the grade that was received, why he or she believes they received this score, and 3 activities that have been done to improve understanding of the topic. Activities could be making a Reconstruction poem/song, Reconstruction word cloud on the computer or paper, or rewriting notes in his or her own words. Our retest will happen next Thursday.

Please let Mrs. Drayton know if you have any questions about the test or retesting.

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We have been trying to use at least once a week in class. If you are not familiar with this site, please have your child show you why we love using this website to supplement our learning! Your child's login and password are written in his or her SS Notebook on an exit slip.

Math & Science w/Ms. Cloyd


We will continue digging further into multiplying whole numbers.

The following skills will continue to be practiced:

-problem solving

-distributive property


-multiply 3 digit by 1 digit numbers


We are continuing our study on oceans and oceanic landforms. Next, we will be focusing on waves and tides. This really is such a fun unit of study! The kids and I are having some great discussions.