Cold War and Space Race!

How similar are they?

First, lets start with the obvious similarities...

Now as we all know, the Space Race and the Cold War were both between some of Earth's biggest rivals at this time, America and the Soviet Union. The only difference was the Cold War was more along the lines of fighting either for or against the spread of communism, and the Space Race was along the lines of fighting to get into outer space faster.

Not so obvious similarities...

In the Cold War, the Soviet Union and America did no direct fighting towards each other, however they were still fighting against a big issue, the spread of communism. In the Space Race, there was no actual fighting done either, however it was still fighting against another big issue, who will get into space first.

You may have thinked that the similarities were obvious, but you always have to dig a little deeper!

Common question

Q: What led to the Soviet Union and America disliking each other so much?
A: Communism. The Soviet Union's main belief was communism. A belief that Americans frowned upon. This was the idea that the government had complete control over all of it's citizens. This ended up hurting many countries, causing America to want to contain it. This is what led to the two countries being so competitive with one another.