Child Labor

By: Gabrielle Orman

Jobs Children Did In The Factories

  • Children were given the dirtiest jobs of all.
  • Many children worked in the mines with lack of proper ventilation, coal dust was very thick in the air respiratory problems could be common
  • Fixing broken thread while the machine was running.
  • Picking up lose cotton on the floor around the factory.
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Hours,Food and Working conditions

  • Children worked 6am to 8pm Monday through Saturday
  • Very little or sometimes no safety measures were taken to keep children safe while working
  • Factory owners saw children as cheap effective labor
  • They worked for a mere fraction of what and adult earns

Accidents often Happen

  • Falling was a major concern for children chimney sweeps also getting stuck in the narrow chimneys
  • Children lossing fingers or even hands fixing machines in the factories
  • Some childrens arms got caught in the machines
  • The adults didnt make sure the children were safe while working so accidents happened very often in the factories or mines
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Punishments children Faced

  • Children were beaten of fined for falling asleep, making a mistake or being late
  • Often owners would punish children by making the wear a weight around there neck and walk up and down the factory this would cause back and neck injuries
  • The children not old enough to work the machines would assist textile workers and they would often beat the children
  • Sometimes if they were herd whistling they would have to give them one shilling

Efforts to improve/stop child labor

  • It wasn’t until people like Lord Shaftesbury and Thomas Angnew took action that true change took place.
  • In 1833 the Factory act was passed it limited hours they could work and how old children could be to work
  • In 1836 in Massachusetts requires working children under 15 to have to go to school 3 months out of the year
  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC) was created in 1891.
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