The Periodic Table

atomic structure and physical/chemical properties

Periodic Tables Plus - interactive tables and sites with information about specific elements.

Visit the Jefferson Lab's "It's Elemental" website - click on any element in the table to find out more details about it. Links below the table to other articles on the topic.


A tour of the first 36 elements - Chem4kids

Interactive Periodic Table from Lenntech in the Netherlands with information about each element

Chemicool Periodic Table interactive from MIT with information, images, and videos

Visual periodic table from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Periodic Table podcasts from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Interactive periodic table from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Slide show lecture on the periodic table from Chemistry Never Sleeps


What is an atom?

Basic atomic structure

The Structure of an Atom

A team of scientists from the University of Nottingham (U.K.) present videos on each of the elements in the periodic table.


"The Elements" song, animated

Element games

Experiment Central
(includes information and some experiments to try)

What do Chemists Do? - interviews with chemists

Elements facts, lists, tables, quizzes and more

NOVA Elements exploratory site - build your own atoms and more! (And there's a free iPad app!)

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