Loureen's Journey

By: John


Ever since she was young Loureen was always a trouble maker and an experimenter. when she was in high school she tried on of her friends cigarettes. Lucky that habit did not stick. She would always pull pranks on others and mostly the under class men. This trait was passed down to her son later on. She wasn't the most studious child in school but she did come out the top of her High school class.


When she turned 4 she attended St. Francis Primary school. After she finished elementary school she attended Wolmers all girls school. Once she passed her graduation test she graduated when she was 16. Once she turned 17, her and her family moved from Kingston, Jamaica to Long Island, NY. She attended a College for her bachelors in business and started to work at Sacks in New York City. She had one wonderful boy named John and switched from working at Sacks to work at Macy's to get paid more. She always new that she had much more in her then just working behind a desk. So when had her second child she quit her job and when back to school. She attended Mt. Saint Vincent to get her Bachelors in Nursing and started her first job working at Winthrop Hospital as an RN.


When she turned 17 her whole family packed up and moved to New York looking for better work. Daphne picked up a job as a house mom while Earl got a job working security at A college in the city. this was a good choice for him because he was already a security guard for the famous Bob Marley. Kerry attended school at Valley stream high school while Loureen worked to put her self through school.

Dream Job

Ever Since she was young Loureen always wanted to be a highly skilled physician living in a house with a husband and two kids. She achieved 3 of those goals. when I asked what she would do if she was able to do anything in the world, while most people would say they would win the lottery and buy expensive cars and houses and clothes, she said she would turn back time and win the lottery so she can pay to but her self through college again to get a PhD and fulfill her last achievement.